things i've created


VirtuLab is a company created by myself and other involved Detroit youth. Many schools in our area don't have the budget to pay for text books, lab equipment, lab upkeep and other expenses associated with running a science class. As a result, these schools cannot offer classes like AP Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and the students are stripped of a vital opportunity to learn. VirtuLab aims to solve this problem by introducing virtual reality lab simulations, which are cheaper, safer, and more immersive than traditional methods. If you'd like to try a demo in your school, please request one through the contact page!


luminos education

Luminos Education is the company that my team and I started while at the MIT Launch business incubator. We created Luminos Education because we recognize that the greatest investment one can make is in the next generation of creators. We've built an interactive storybook that uses safe, conductive materials like conductive ink and copper tape to teach circuitry to young children. Our project was initially funded completely by MIT and private investors. If you'd like to preorder a copy, click here to visit our website!




MADLOVE is a local fashion initiative,  fusing sleek streetwear with new technology to create a chargeable hoodie. Our hoodie has a charging station housed within the front pocket, seamlessly integrated into the rest of the clothing. It feels weightless, and can triple the charge of your phone. All items are made-to-order in Pontiac, MI - to place an order, simply do so through the contact page.