As a person with eclectic interests, I've dedicated my professional life to the exploration of each my fascinations. My MO is to grow and learn through trial and tribulations, to dip my feet in the water as much as I can. Though I think most people don't immediately see the overlap between the various projects I take on, to me they all share the "wow" effect, meaning upon completion, I have an end product that I can show off and be proud of. 

          I organize my activities in the following four categories: investments, business development, research and event management. 

Past research:

In the past, I worked with a local medical center that was trying to analyze the effectiveness of medical education tactics in low-socioeconomic status (low SES) populations. The study examined a small town in the Caribbean and tested to see how if the population really benefited from traditional medical information campaigns (conferences, PSAs, posters, etc). By organizing the data and performing various statistical tests, I helped the researchers come to the realization that these existing methods of improving medical literacy were failing. Low SES populations continue to be misinformed of basic medical truths. Now that this issue has been diagnosed, I look to work with other motivated medical professionals that would want to work towards new methods of educating the public in medical literacy.


Statistical Software: Minitab, Matlab, Strata

Organizational Software: Excel, Sheets, (most CSV-editors)

Presentation Software: PowerPoint, Canva, Slides, Publisher

I'm very open to whatever research opportunities can be offered, so if you can see me joining your research team, please visit my contact page!