As a person with eclectic interests, I've dedicated my professional life to the exploration of each my fascinations. My MO is to grow and learn through trial and tribulations, to dip my feet in the water as much as I can. Though I think most people don't immediately see the overlap between the various projects I take on, to me they all share the "wow" effect, meaning upon completion, I have an end product that I can show off and be proud of. 

          I organize my activities in the following four categories: investments, business development, research and event management. 

ongoing projects:

NYSE Portfolio: Since eighth grade, I've been investing in the stock market. My first trade was a purchase of Denny's stock in 2012, $800 dollars worth. I've come a long way since then. Today, I have positions in SNAP, AZN, NVDA, TWTR, RDFN, KORS, TWLO, GPRO, to name a decent portion of my portfolio. (Note, I'm not saying I own stock in these companies. Rather, a few of these, SNAP for example, I'm shorting.) Though I do have my own portfolio, I don't make investments without multiple second opinions and have an awesome network of financially savvy investors from across the world. Together, we've advised multiple organizations on the formation of a dependable, diversified portfolio. Right now, our work is pro-bono and is done sporadically. I have, on occasion, advised for commission off profit; however, I will be holding that off for now, until I have at least 10 years of experience in the market. I also plan to start blogging about my decision-making process soon. This is not only to keep public record of my stances, so people can know when I was right and when I was wrong, but also as a way of sharing my experiences in a manner that's super accessible.

Cryptocurrency: Before I traded on the New York Stock Exchange, I was fascinated by Bitcoin. After transferring schools in middle school, I discovered Bitcoin from the other nerds. It confused me, as cryptocurrency does to most, but after watching my friend make hundreds of dollars per week mining the "magic internet money," I wanted in. Though my parents didn't let me buy Bitcoin until it skyrocketed from being worth tens of dollars to hundreds, I've kept up with all sorts of cryptocurrency since then. From altcoins to memecoins (I appreciate Dogecoin for what it is), I'm still as in love with blockchain and all of its applications as I was in middle school. Of course, now I have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the technology and its applications. This has translated to me running a very successful portfolio based solely off crypto. Currently, I own multiple tokens of BTC, ETH, XMR, XPR, DASH and NXT. Honestly, the mantra of "buy and hold" applies beautifully to these coins, at least in the status quo, and I expect this trend to continue for a while. By the way, my preferred exchange is Poloniex; should be yours too!

If you want to talk about investing with me, want proof of what I'm saying, or just want to trade tips, contact me.