event management

           As a person with eclectic interests, I've dedicated my professional life to the exploration of each my fascinations. My MO is to grow and learn through trial and tribulations, to dip my feet in the water as much as I can. Though I think most people don't immediately see the overlap between the various projects I take on, to me they all share the "wow" effect, meaning upon completion, I have an end product that I can show off and be proud of. 

          I organize my activities in the following four categories: investments, business development, research and event management. 

ongoing projects:

OKB Entertainment: Run by myself and a team in Ann Arbor, OKB Entertainment is a local concert enterprise that books well known hip-hop and R&B artists for performances and parties in Michigan. We host events in Ann Arbor, East Lansing and in the Greater Detroit Area. We've worked closely with fraternities and sororities before and aim to bring the most professional and thoroughly entertaining events directly to campus. Though the full list of artists we have worked with and are in communication with cannot be revealed due to legal limitations, if you message me and sign an NDA, I can show you availabilities for your favorite rapper/singer.  Our event list for the year will be coming out soon, so stay tuned for all events and promotions.

Want to request an artist for your tailgate/party/event? Use this contact form and we can make it happen.

past projects:

SpringFest 2017: I promoted independently for the Music Matters SpringFest 2017 concert with Lil Yachty, 2 Chainz and Desiigner. By utilizing social media campaigning, effective campus-to-campus marketing, and target audience catered graphics, I single-handedly sold more tickets than any other paid promoter or organization. From SpringFest 2017, I also got in touch with the management of Lil Yachty and 2 Chainz, which lead to the eventual formation of OKB Entertainment.

Prime Music Festival East Lansing 2017: I recruited and promoted for Prime Michigan, recruiting social media influencers to push graphics and post on behalf of Prime Music. Recruited promoters were mainly members of Greek life at Western Michigan University, Central Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, University of Michigan and of course, Michigan State University.