business development

           As a person with eclectic interests, I've dedicated my professional life to the exploration of each my fascinations. My MO is to grow and learn through trial and tribulations, to dip my feet in the water as much as I can. Though I think most people don't immediately see the overlap between the various projects I take on, to me they all share the "wow" effect, meaning upon completion, I have an end product that I can show off and be proud of. 

          I organize my activities in the following four categories: investments, business development, research and event management. 

ongoing projects:


G&L App Developers:  G&L is a development firm run jointly by myself, Saagar Godithi, and Abhi Upadhyay. We've worked with two clients so far, with our second project being a commercial application being deployed for browser, iOS, and Android devices. Our firm aims to offer a comprehensive and immersive development experience. Clients of ours come to us with just an idea and we take care of the rest. We've found success in our multiple layers of client interaction, building from simple word associations to in-depth UI and UX discussions and allowing the client unparalleled control of the project. Clients of ours love how we offer project schedules and deadlines that are both feasible and unchanging - if we make a guarantee, we see it through. On top of that, our firm is all-inclusive, meaning we have the utilities and staff to make all facets of the application as nice as possible, including design work, UI, UX, front-end, back-end, maintenance, communications, and even SEO. If you're a business that needs an application built, we will offer you nothing but the best, and that's a guarantee.

If you want us to build your app use this contact form to order a quote.

McManus Visuals: Often times, one of a business' weakest points is their ability to present themselves. Our visuals studio does both personal and commercial photography with a high level of customer interaction. McManus Visuals is a team of two people - creative director and owner Ian McManus and myself. Ian's work experience includes photographing a myriad of content, ranging from senior pictures to city backdrops, suburban sprawl to high fashion. He's worked with sold-out fashion designers and agency-espoused models with multiple thousands of followers. If a business works with McManus Visuals, then I step in as well. Once the visual content has been rendered, I then work with the client to effectively deploy it. Your business should never be stifled by aesthetic; we make sure it never will.

For photographs taken by Ian McManus, click this.

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